Current Scrap Metal Prices – Take Advantage

With the current scrap metal prices businesses and people are focusing more and more on the collection and trade in of fine metals.

Imagine taking other peoples apparent junk and turning it into actual cash that you can use for whatever you want. This may sound like a lot of work to do in order to make a decent amount of cash but you might be surprised when you look at your local dealers . Not only that but you’re doing a favor to the environment by re-using scrap metal that other people throw out or buying/selling to/from scrap metal prices dealers. If everyone in your community was taking advantage of scrap pricing then their lives, their community, our economy and planet would all be better. Want to become a “Pro”?

Scrap Metal Prices Tips

  • Get the word out that you’re gathering scrap metal! Chances are you have friends or neighbors that are throwing away a hefty amount of that they don’t want and could be sold to a scrap metal prices dealer for a decent price. Let them know you’re interested in it and tell them you’ll come by and pick it up and then swing by your dealer. I’m sure they’d be happy to allow you to do their work for you, and in some cases some companies will even be willing to pay you money to gather up and remove it for them!
  • Find a scrap metal prices dealer in your area. These dealers may know someone who needs a certain piece of scrap metal that he can sell to for a high price and he will give you a decent amount of money for it. Scrap metal prices vary; You may find pricing at 50 cents a pound and depending on the item pricing at 2 dollars a pound! It doesn’t sound like much but it can add up pretty quick, especially if you have a truck and go around looking for scrap metal.
  • Find a company that dumps their scrap metal. This can be one of the biggest gold mines in selling . Some company’s throw away up to 500 pounds of scrap metal in a day! You can turn that into some quick cash if you know the right people and are willing to do a little bit of back and forth hauling. You’d be surprised how many businesses just don’t want to mess with the work so they just throw it away without taking other options into consideration. Give them an option!
  • Be sure you’re not stealing! Just because you drive by someones house and see a bunch of junk laying there doesn’t mean they don’t want it and it’s yours to take to your scrap metal prices dealer. Make sure you ask them first or you can get in a lot of trouble. Remember, if it’s on their property it’s theirs!

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Scrap Metal Prices List – Understanding how To Read It

Understanding how to read a scrap metal prices list is of key importance to maximizing your profits. Without this list you wouldn’t know Do your research before you decide to go out collecting, it will save you much time and make a big difference in the long run.

Before starting to collect based on scrap metal prices you will want to know some fundamental rules to collecting ot make sure that you are not stepping on other collectors feet. It’s also important to understand what the laws in your area are so that you don’t end upScrap Metal Prices stealing something that you thought was up for grabs. Ignorance to the law will not get you out of fines so you are ultimately responsible for every move you make. A difficult piece of the game to learn is how to get your business going without the help of others. You will find that other scrappers in your area typically are not fond of sharing information, resources, networking or their locations to pick up scrap. Unlike other professions where people are happy to share knowledge, you are typically in direct competition with every other person looking to gain cash on the current scrap metal prices. This can truly be a situation of dog eat dog where first come first serve takes the cake and second place is left with only the left over trash that is hardly worth anything.

Succeeding Means Understanding Scrap Metal Prices Fluctuations

If you’re going to succeed in collecting scrap and make a good amount of money you will need to understand the business through and through and be willing to pay your dues. Eventually with enough hard work and time you will build your network, make a place for yourself in the market and eventually you will be making a good amount of money by collecting.

Scrap Metal Prices – TV SHOW

In a previous article we’ve talked about how using scrap metal prices to your advantage can reap big benefits to your bank account not only be a great way to bring in some extra income, but also a very lucrative way to earn a living. Now you can see this how professionals do this on the new SPIKE TV show called “Scrappers”. This show follows several real life people who earn a living by using scrap metal prices to their advantage by collecting metal and scrap metal pricescashing it in for big money. You will see just how far they will go to get the biggest pieces of scrap and in many cases reach conflict with other competitors who are wanting to cash in on the same deal. It goes to show how if you work hard at it that you can not only make a lot of money off of collecting it but maybe even get your own TV show! Although the show takes place in Brooklyn which is most likely far more competitive than smaller areas when it comes to collecting metal, it still gives anyone looking to start scrap metal collecting a great idea of different things to expect. But don’t believe everything you see on the show as there have been several scenes that, while may be true, we have found very hard to believe! Most likely you will not be getting into fights over the scrap metal prices that a junkyard gives you, or at least if you follow our advice and build a good relationship with them!

This show can have a good impact on the industry when it comes to scrap metal prices believe it or not. Scrap metal prices can fluctuate for any number of reasons, and while typically it is due to the demand, a show like this can increase the amount of people collecting which would lead to a surplus and can drive scrap metal prices down.

Overall we think the show is an accurate depiction of what collecting scrap is like in the real world and can be used as a valuable source of information before starting on your own or even for people who are experienced. Tune in when you get a chance and see if you don’t come up with some new great ideas on how to take advantage of high scrap metal prices.

Copper Prices – Traders Most Bearish within 2 Months upon China

Copper traders include the most bearish within 2 months following stockpiles tracking by the largest metals bourse, rising for the initial time within 5 weeks and Goldman Sachs Group Incorporated slashed its recommendations upon commodities to neutral.


Eleven of twenty-five analysts who were surveyed by Bloomberg predict copper to fall next week, the greatest proportion since January 6th. Seven remained neutral. Inventories by the London Metal Exchange increased 1.4% on March 27th, the initial gain since February 22nd. They retreated the next 2 days then increased again recently. Reserves within Shanghai’s bonded warehouses have tripled since November, as well as any strengthening within demand in the next quarter might be ‘tepid, ’Barclays Capital stated within a report on March 28th.


The copper bars that were silver coated used to make electric bus bars sit upon a work table within East Peoria, IL. United States growth within Chinese copper demand is going to slow to five percent in 2012, from 9.5% within 2011.  China is the largest copper purchaser, utilizing 2 in every 5 metric tons, as well as Premier Wen Jiabao slashed this nation’s growth target to 7.5% earlier in the month, the lowest it’s been since 2004. Economists who were surveyed by Bloomberg expect a recession within Europe that accounts for 18% of copper demand. That is outweighing signals of an accelerating United States expansion and paring 2012’s rally in rates of as much as 15%.


Copper and scrap metal prices dropped 3.9% from 2012’s peak of $8,765 per ton on February 9th, paring its advance to 11%, while the LMEX index of 6 industrial metals fell 7.1%. The S&P’s GSCI gauge of twenty-four commodities rose 6.8% in 2012, as well as MSCI All-Country World Index of equities added eleven percent. The treasuries lost one percent, one Bank of America Corporate index exhibits.


Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s commodity research team, which was led by Jeffrey Currie within London, decreased its 3-month recommendation upon raw materials from overweight to neutral upon March 28th. Scrap metal prices reached the bank’s targets, as well as the economy is supposed to ‘soften’ next quarter, they added within one report. They recommended clients to stay overweight within commodities over a one-year time period.


Barclays estimates that China traders currently have 650,000 tons within bonded warehouses within Shanghai that are exempt from a value-added tax as well as import duties, from 200,000 tons within November. This coincided with a reduction of around 46% in LME stockpiles since the month of October, implying not all the metal was consumed, Scrap Metal Pricesbourse information shows.


Rates rallied in 2012 upon prospects for shortages, with the Barclays prediction a deficit of 323,000 tons, over the 256,275 tons left within LME-observed warehouses. According to Barclays, mining businesses failed to keep up with worldwide demand which climbed around 38% in the last ten years.


Commodity Futures Trading Commission information shows that hedge funds and additional money managers are growing more bullish, increasing their bets upon higher rates by 20% to 17,060 futures, as well as options within the week ended March 20th. This is the largest net-long position since the month of August. Goldman’s research staff is predicting a copper rate of $9,000 within 6 months.